About us

MAF RODA RSA - The Global Concept For Fruit And Vegetables In South Africa

Harvesting is only the beginning of fruit’s journey from tree to plate. To ensure quality, it is vital to have the right systems in place, especially when it comes to grading, packing, washing, bagging, palletising and tracing.


Some companies develop their own capacity; others prefer to rely on a trusted partner. This is where MAF RODA RSA comes in.

As the 15th subsidiary of the MAF RODA Group, MAF RODA RSA was officially established in South Africa in 2011.


This entity benefits from the involvement of the Group headquarter situated in the south-western production basin of France, since 1962 in grading machine business and from their development in early 80’s of the mechanical systems into electronic and automatic systems, with the birth of its first electronic graders.