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MAF RODA Technical Support & After Sales

South Africa


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Preventive maintenance

  • Availability of spare parts nationwide

  • Supplying original parts 

  • Planning and implementing

  • Interventions Managing maintenance costs

Diagnostics: troubleshooting

  • Hotline assistance

  • Technicians equipped with all the tools needed for efficient diagnostics.

Curative maintenance

  • Rapid intervention

  • All mechanical, electrical / electronics and automation needs

Optimisation of your systems

Individualised custom based design gained  from MAF Group world wide expertise


R&D department working systematically on best innovative solutions 


We design according to your needs:

  • Product

  • Flow

  • Facilities

MAF Group

  • Global solutions for fruit & vegetables

  • Turnkey solution

  • Machine retrofitting

  • Upgrading

Since 1905, Our innovation Your efficiency

MAF RODA World Wide